Maintenance of the Spine

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26th September 2018
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Maintenance of the Spine

Maintenance of the Spine

People are often so busy with their daily business; they forget to maintain their health. Maintaining health includes eating healthy food, doing enough exercise and avoiding toxins. Maintenance of the spine is an important aspect of good health. People are going to the dentis twice a year to check their teeth without having any pain. We advise our patients to have regular spinal checks and treatments to maintain spinal strength and flexibility even when they are not in pain.

It is logical to think that after a treatment period and the disappearance of the symptoms progress continues. Unfortunately this is often not the case. Experience shows that old bad habits in posture return, exercises are not done regularly and the food supplements are not be taken. With a simple maintenance visit the complaints are reviewed, exercises are repeated and advices are given keep you out of pain. Normally a monthly treatment is enough to maintain the spine and nervous system in good shape.

Many of our patients have a quick and good results of our treatments, but stop their treatment program early. Recurrence can occur more quickly. Maintenance therapy is the perfect way to give you the opportunity to get ride of aches, before these “pains” develop into a bigger problem.

Research shows that regular chiropractic treatment result in less pain, faster recovery from any injury and more flexibility. Enough reasons to have your spine checked regularly. Prevention is always better than cure.


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