Low Back Pain

10th May 2017
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26th September 2018
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Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain: Did you really try everything?
The bulk of our patient base consists of people with a long history of low back pain. People often suffer of these kinds of complaints for many years and are progressively getting worse. The majorities of these patients already have done all kinds of scans, examinations and therapy and more than often have heard that they have to live with the complaint, that there is no identifiable cause or the pain is caused by “old age” and that they just must start exercising.

Finding the cause of low back pain is often difficult, but certainly not impossible. The cause of back pain is often searched on a local level, while the cause of this common complaint is often located in a completely different area of the body like the pelvis, knees and feet. Furthermore, the cause of low back pain is almost always caused by several components, including bad posture. The usual methods used to diagnose the cause of low back pain are not sufficient. X-ray images and scans are used to diagnose a problem without even touching or examining the spine. On these recordings all the anatomical structures are clearly visible and also any defects therein. This does not mean that these abnormalities are the cause of the complaints. People without any back pain can have slipped discs, decreased intervertebral disc height and arthritis as well. To give an example: 45% of all people who have undergone a hernia operation have the same symptoms after surgery as before. This is not just because the operation failed, but because the hernia was not the cause of the original complaint. Local low back pain which doesn’t radiate into the leg is seldom caused by a herniated or slipped disc…..

Extensive research of the SI joints (joints of the pelvis) and joints in the back (facet joints) notes that 80% of the examined persons had back pain due to the inflammatory changes present in these joints. Whenever there has been injected an anti inflammatory drug into the CAUSE of the pain (the joints), the pain disappears. This means that 80 % of the low back pains are caused by strain in these joints. This method of diagnosis (which is NOT a treatment method) is unfortunately hardly ever used in regular hospitals. This is regrettable, especially since these two frequent inflammatory reactions do not show on any X-ray or scan…. Clearly injecting these joints cannot be used as a therapy, because it only covers the pain, but doesn’t treat the cause of the problem.

Our clinic is specialized in detecting the real cause of low back pain with special tests. Our diagnostic techniques are developed to examine the SI and back (facet) joints. Our main goal is not only to discover the inflamed joint, but to get to the cause of the problem which might be in a different part of the body. These two types of low back pain which are the most common causes of low back pain can be very successfully treated in our clinic. Also when you have an ongoing problem for years and have been to every doctor!! Our approach is unique and very different!! You certainly do not have to live with these complaints.

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