Low Back pain

Low back pain is most likely caused by a misaligned spine. This could be caused by a twisted pelvis, a curved lower back or translated vertebrae. This causes irritation in the joints and thus pain in the back. More info

Neck pain

The main cause of neck pain is caused by a misalignment of the head on top of the trunk. It could be positioned in front of the body due to poor posture or tilted sideward’s due to a misalignment in the pelvis. These appositions cause irritations in the joint and pain will be the result. More info


85 % of all headaches are caused by pain referred from the cervical spine into the head, pinked nerves in the top bit of the neck and irritated meningis which are compressed by translated vertebrae. More info


Pressure at the nervous system just underneath the skull interferes with the balance system. Irritation of this part of the brain could cause dizziness, nausiness and headache.

Referred pain

Pinced nerves could refer pain into another area of the body. From the neck pain refers into the arms and/or head. Referred pain the back is can be appreciated in the legs/feet and groin. Another symptom of pinced nerves is numb sensation in a part of an extremity. More info about referred pain in the arms and legs

We have very good results treating patients with the symptoms stated above.