What does a chiropractor do?

The chiropractor focuses on disorders in the spinal column and adjacent joints. These disorders produce pain, restrict range of movement and interfere with the nervous system. By terminate these disorders joints are able to operate normal, pain will go and nerve signals will reach there target without any interference.

Why do problems start in the spinal column?

Daily life is very loaded for the spine. A fall, sitting for too long or repetitive monotonic movements will lead to overuse of the spine. As a result the spine will develop restrictions and irritations. These restricted and painful areas are called spinal subluxations by a chiropractor. The subluxations produce inflammation, pain and swelling in the joints which results often in asymmetry in the spine. These twists and turns in the spine are the cause of neck- and back pains. Thigh muscles are only a result of these restrictions.

What is the role of the nervous system?

Restricted or twisted vertebras can interfere with the nervous system by pressure or due to an irritation. Problems can even develop in other parts of the body. Low Back problems can cause pain in a leg (egg. sciatica). Neck problems referred pain or pins and needles to the arms, headache and vertigo. Furthermore can an overloaded nervous system because general complaints like tiredness, stress and breathing problems.

What can a chiropractor do for you?

Irritation in the spine can be helped by adjusting restrictions of motion in the spinal column. This way symmetry will be restored and the function of the central nervous system will be normalized. Purpose of a chiropractic treatment is to treat the cause of a problem and thus to recover and maintain normal function in the spinal column and nervous system. Therefore chiropractic can help to get rid of local and radiating problems. Adjustments are quick pressure movements in the spine which move the vertebrae painless. For every patient a custom made treatment exists, so you will get a specifis treatment program.

How does the chiropractor work?

During the first visit the chiropractor will do every test necessary to find the cause of your complaint by performing orthopedic, neurologic and chiropractic tests. Emphasis lays on seeing the body as a whole, so the whole body will be examined and not just the part where the pain is experienced. This way the cause of the problem will be found and not just the painful spot. That´s why we check your general health as well by checking for example your blood pressure. We will perform computer analyses of your spine, look at your X-rays/MRI´s and measure the balance in your spinal column. After making the diagnosis and after explained this to you thouroughly, a treatment plan will be made. This treatment plan consists of adjustments and realignment of the spine and pelvis, restoring the muscle balance and exercises to correct your posture and strengthen your spine.