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20th February 2017
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Sciatica is a name that is used for many discomforts in the lower back. The real cause of Sciatica is an irritation of the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs, with its branches, from the spine through the pelvis to the leg. If the nerve gets irritated somewhere from the spine before it enters the leg, it is officially called a Sciatica.

The symptoms manifest themselves often as pain in the buttock, radiating to the hip and often to the leg, to the calf and even into the foot. This all may be associated with or without back pain, while the cause is often located in low back.

There are basically three areas where the sciatic nerve might be trapped: in the spine, in the pelvis and the buttocks. In the spine, a vertebrae or an inflamed joint could give pressure to the roots of the sciatic nerve and cause radiation. An inflamed intervertebral disc could be the cause of this as well.

A misalignment of the pelvis can cause pressure on the nerve and prolonged misalignment can even cause scar tissue in the pelvis, which in turn may compress the nerve.

Furthermore, the nerve could be entrapped in or under the Piriformis muscle. If this muscle tenses or goes into a spasm, pressure is put on the sciatic nerve and radiating symptoms can arise. This is often seen in people with chronic back pain and / or with a (too) hollow back.

Because the cause of sciatica is so diverse and because there is often a combination of factors at the fundement of this phenomenon, a correct diagnosis is essential. The cause should be treated and not only the symptom. This kind of symptomatic treatment will only lead to short-term relief or no results at all.

In our clinic, we are specialized in diagnosing and treating these unpleasant, often longterm complaints. We try to get to the cause by addressing all aspects of the possible cause of the complaint. We do an examination throughout the whole body, using postural computer analysis, and often by working multidisciplinary with eg. a podiatrist.

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